How are citizens transforming local food systems? How are innovators changing the way children eat in schools? How do we talk about culture, identity and responsibility through the lens of food and health?

LUNCH LOVE COMMUNITY is a beautiful and engaging story of how a diverse group of pioneering parents and food advocates came together to tackle food reform and food justice in the schools and neighborhoods of Berkeley, CA.

Through a mosaic of twelve interconnecting short documentaries, the film explores food and education, children and health, and citizens making democratic change. This is a rich and multi-dimensional story of passion, creative energy, and idealism -- a project linking the ways we teach our children to eat and understand food to the traditional passing of powerful values from one generation to the next.

LUNCH LOVE COMMUNITY is divided into three thematic programs - Heart, Body, Mind - each containing four short films. Discussion guides for each short are included on the DVD in PDF format. These guides explore a range of topics from nutrition and health, to equity and justice, citizen participation, public policy, and school reform.

78 minutes
Closed Captioned

Directed by Helen De Michiel
Produced by Helen De Michiel and Sophie Constantinou
Director of Photography: Sophie Constantinou
Writer: Helen De Michiel
Editor: Mike Shen
Executive Producer: Jean Donohue
Associate Producer: Emma T. Bailey
Associate Editor, Designer: Jackie Zabel
A co-production of Thirty Leaves Production and Citizen Film in association with Media Working Group
Transmedia project directed by Helen De Michiel and Sophie Constantinou

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An episodic documentary in 12 short films
How do citizens transform local food systems?